Head Wear & Caps

Jiyano offers a range of safety clothing, work wear, and caps to suit a variety of industry or workplace need. Whether it is strategically branded or non-branded uniforms, bump caps, strike hats, safety clothing, head wear, or accessories.

Are you tired of striking your head on overhead objects? Do you have a high near miss or incidences of head strike injuries in your workplace?

If you have a high-level of head injuries, then our safety clothing Bump Caps and Strike Hats are for you. The bump caps have been designed to provide the wearer protection against cuts, bruises, and small impacts to the skull, through a special absorbent compound that is integrated within the cap itself.

Do you work at night or in a dark area? Perhaps you need to quickly read something in the dark? The LED Cap is for you. Designed like the Strike Hats with an added feature of 5 Ultra Bright LEDs.

 Everyone wants to feel comfortable while at work, and wearing safety clothing, work wear or head wear all day long can be uncomfortable. That is why Jiyano offers a range of head wear accessories for every industry and business need.

Jiyano has been providing Bump Caps, Strike Hats, Head Wear, Safety Clothing and Work Wear to a variety of clients across Australia. Some of these clients include Airline Engineers, Golfers, Builders, Hospitality, Plumbers, Pest Controller, Sport Umpires, Telco Workers, Scaffolders, Window Cleaners, Marshals, Mining, and spectators of various sports such as Golf and Cricket.

For a tailored solution to meet your safety wear needs contact us today to speak to our expert safety clothing and work wear team.


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